Rules and Regulations

  1. No aggression by dog (or handler) will be tolerated. The Club reserves the right to expel any dog (or handler) showing aggression during training times subject to assessment by the Instructors. All incidents of aggression to be reported immediately to Instructors. Dogs assessed by Instructors to be aggressive or uncontrolled may be required to wear a muzzle.
  2. No bitches in season allowed on training ground.
  3. Dogs must be vaccinated in order to participate in training. Members have the responsibility to ensure vaccinations are kept up to date.
  4. Members must clean up immediately if dog fouls ground. Plastic bags are provided.
  5. Foundation class members must wear their Club name tag at all times during training.
  6. Members must bring the following to training each week:
  7. Dogs:
    1. Properly fitted collar or body harness. No correction chains or halters to be used during training.
    2. Strong leather or fabric lead.
  8. Members:
    1. It is recommended sensible clothing and appropriate footwear (with good traction) should be worn during training.
  9. Children under the age of 13 will not be permitted to train a dog (this may be waived subject to adult supervision).
  10. Dogs are required to be on lead at all times unless under supervision of Instructors. Handlers must follow instructions of Instructors.
  11. No smoking or alcohol permitted whilst on the oval.
  12. Any point of dispute is to be taken to an Instructor or Committee Member.
  13. All members participating in the first session will be required to arrive no later than 7.00pm to assist with setting up. All members participating in the second session will be required to arrive no later than 8.15pm to assist with equipment setup and packing up upon class completion. No help, no training.
  14. Dogs under 15 months of age must be under constant control of an instructor to train on agility equipment. It is the handler's responsibility to advise the Instructor if their dog is under 15 months so training can be adapted.
  15. All handlers and dogs must be physically able to train for Agility. Some dogs because of their size or weight can only join subject to Club assessment.
  16. Sick or injured dogs should not be trained.
  17. A club instructor must be present at all times for training on equipment - unless by prior arrangement.
  18. The club accepts no responsibility for injury to handler/dog. It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of yourself and your dog(s) at all times.
  19. Training may be cancelled to ensure dog/handler safety.

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