Constitution Rules of Agility Dog Club of Victoria Incorporated

Agility Dog Club of Victoria - ACN A00334935

The name of the incorporated association is Agility Dog Club of Victoria Incorporated (ADCV), A00334935.

The purposes for which the incorporated association is established are:

  1. To promote training and participation of members in dog related agility, sports, exhibitions and activities using positive training methods.
  2. To promote responsible dog ownership.
  3. To promote and raise the standards and exhibition of dogs.
  4. To foster, promote and protect the interest of exhibitors of dogs at exhibitions.
  5. To collect and publish information relating to dogs and dog activities.
  6. To educate and encourage members to abide by the requirements and standards approved by the controlling body for the conduct of applicable dog related events.
  7. To promote good fellowship and sportsmanship amongst members and those participating in or attending at Exhibitions.
  8. To inform members of and make known to them the laws and regulations of the State relating to the ownership and care of dogs and the responsibility of owners for the conduct and actions of their dogs.
  9. To hold functions and lectures relating to dogs and to the purposes of the Club generally.
  10. To foster relations with other Clubs and bodies having similar aims.
  11. To promote and assist worthy causes, as agreed at a General Meeting of the members of the Club.
  12. To invest the funds of the Club not immediately required in such manner as the members or the Committee in lieu thereof shall determine.
  13. To purchase, hire, lease, etc., and do such things as are conductive or incidental to promoting and achieving the purposes of the Club.

The financial year of the Association is each period of 12 months ending on 30 June.

In these Rules:

absolute majority, of the Committee
means a majority of the committee members currently holding office and entitled to vote at the time (as distinct from a majority of committee members present at a committee meeting)
associate member
means a member referred to in rule 14(1)
Chairman, of a general meeting or committee meeting
means the person chairing the meeting as required under rule 46
means the Committee having management of the business of the Association
committee meeting
means a meeting of the Committee held in accordance with these Rules
committee member
means a member of the Committee elected or appointed under Division 3 of Part 5
disciplinary appeal meeting
means a meeting of the members of the Association convened under rule 23(3)
disciplinary meeting
means a meeting of the Committee convened for the purposes of rule 22
disciplinary subcommittee
means the subcommittee appointed under rule 20
financial year
means the 12 month period specified in rule 3
general meeting
means a general meeting of the members of the Association convened in accordance with Part 4 and includes an annual general meeting, a special general meeting and a disciplinary appeal meeting
means a member of the Association
member entitled to vote
means a member who under rule 13(2) is entitled to vote at a general meeting
special resolution
means a resolution that requires not less than three-quarters of the members voting at a general meeting, whether in person or by proxy, to vote in favour of the resolution
the Act
means the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 and includes any regulations made under that Act
the Registrar
means the Registrar of Incorporated Associations

Table of Provisions

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