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    The Agility Dog Club was formed in the late 90s by a group of agility enthusiasts that were looking for a club located in Melbourne's Western Suburbs that would be VIEW
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    Agility is a fabulous way to build a bond between you and your dog in a fun and exciting way.  Agility training involves teaching the dog to perform a series VIEW
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    Membership of the Agility Dog Club is open to all breeds of dogs and owners and handlers of all ages. We have a structured program for dogs and handlers that are VIEW
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The Agility Dog Club of Victoria

Dedicated to promoting training and particpation in the sport of agility.

Agility is a fabulous way to build a bond between you and your dog in a fun and exciting way.  Agility training involves teaching the dog to perform a series of obstacles following handler's directions.  We accomplish this through positive reinforcement techniques using both food and toy rewards.



  • What is Dog Agility? +

    Dog agility is a competition sport that involves a dog running a timed course of obstacles consisting of various jumps, ramps and tunnels (usually in numbered order) quickly but accurately. The handler directs the dog with voice, arm and body movements all involving close and/or distance work. The handler is not allowed to touch the dog or obstacles nor use food/toys (these, however, can be used as training tools) as incentives.

    Trials (competitions) are usually held over one day with Agility events (contacts, tunnels and jumps) and Jumping events( tunnels and jumps). Games rings may be held as well.

    Novice, Excellent, Masters  levels are based on the dogs' abilities not the handlers'.

    There are also Open events.

    Agility is a handling skill that requires quick strategic thinking, accuracy and often (but not always) athleticism. It requires teamwork between dog and handler that is the result of extensive training.

  • Can any breed of dog do agility? +

    The vast majority of dog breeds have no difficulty negotiating an agility course.

    However, with some breeds, eg the giant breeds which are prone to joint problems, it may be inadvisable to have them jump. Also, they may find the tunnels, the size of which cannot be altered, difficult to negotiate.

    Regardless of breed, it is best to consult your vet about your dog's suitability to being an agility dog.

  • How old does my dog have to be? +

    Our club accepts dogs from 10 months of age into the Foundation class.

    For dogs' wellbeing and physical maturation jumping is not permitted in club training until the age of 15 months.

    Please note, for ANKC competitions, a dog must be at least 18 months of age to compete.

  • How old do I have to be? +

    Our club accepts  handlers from 13 years of age. If you are under 13 years of age we require that you be supervised by an adult.

  • Where and when do you train? +

    We are located at WLJ Crofts Reserve, Blackshaws Rd, Altona Nth.

    Melways Ref 40 H12.

    If turning left from Grieve Pde into Blackshaw's Rd, the entry to the reserve is on the left, just after MTU Detroit Deisel.

    We train Friday evenings under lights.

    • First session:
      • Intermediate Class 2 set-up at 7pm, for a 7:30pm start and 8:30pm finish


    • Second session:
      • Advanced Skills and Drills class set-up at 8:30pm for an 8:45pm start and approx 9:45pm finish
      • Foundation set-up at 8:30pm for an 8:45pm start and 9:45pm finish.


    All class participants are expected to assist with setup and packup of equpiment, otherwise you will not be permitted to train with your dog/s.

  • Can I join anytime? +

    ADCV can only take limited numbers of new members to go into Foundation (8 week course) so there is usually a waiting list.

    There are three intakes a year for dogs and owners that are new to agility. Waiting lists do apply for the Foundation Class.

    Booking for 2019 are now open.

    You can contact the Membership Secretary via the Contact Form to reserve a place. There is a $10 refundable fee.

    The Foundation course cost is $100, less the $10 booking fee.

    After completing the Foundation Course you are eligible for full membership which is  $50 per year .

    Experienced handlers can join the club at any time, subject to an assessment. 


  • I am in another club but I would like to join ADCV - do I have to go into foundation? +

    Probably not but we would need to assess you and your dog in order to place you in the class that most suits your abilities.

  • What are the membership details? +

    The membership year is from the 1st July to 30th June.

    The cost is an initial joining fee of $40 if you don't do the Foundation course and a $50 annual fee.

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